Pixel 4a Launch date teased by Google

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There are a lot of rumors that Google’s next flagship phone will be Pixel 4a. Google postponed the launch date of Pixel 4a again and again. Now Long-waited Pixel 4a will be introduced in August 3.

Google teased the launch date in a clever way. Google’s facebook page ‘Made by google’ and twitter changed the header image with mysterious text and some words are blocked out. And hole in upper corner. The twitter account’s bio also linked to a landing page.

The landing page from twitter’s bio include 6 words blocked out and dummy text of lorem Ipsum and also one placeholder phone image. If we click the 6 blocks, it changes colors. Here comes the clever way. Click the blocks to change colors as google logo (blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red). Then You will see the date ‘Aug 3’ which we can assume the launch date for Pixel 4a.