Earphone and charging adapter will not be included in the box of iPhone 12

Image - 9to5mac

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Apple will not include earphone and charging adapter in the box of iPhone 12, said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. At earlier, analysts are talking that only earphone is not included but now, charging adapter will also not be included in the box.

Kuo said that Apple excludes these accessories because they want to narrow the price differences with iPhone 11. Besides, Apple also want to cover the cost of including 5G network. And it will reduce the packing size and will reduce the transportation charges.

It’s not sure whether lightning cable is included or not. Apple watch series 3 which is another product of Apple only include magnetic charging cable and does not include power adapter.

It’s true that Apple will release 20W charger but Apple will sell that charger separately. Kuo also said that Apple will stop production of 5W and 18W charger so that 20W charger will be more popular.

This will not cause any big issue to Apple users because Apple users already have a lot of earphones and chargers. People also talking that earphones are not included in the box because Apple intends to increase the sale of AirPods pro.